Andrey Girard was born in Costa Rica and spent his youth traveling between Central America and NYC. This experience provided him with an affinity for Latin American Culture and conversational Spanish as well as an admiration for beauty of all kinds.

In Andrey Girard`s’ 8+ year career in the makeup industry, he has become an accomplished and creative makeup artist with experience in all aspects of media makeup: fashion, video and print. He has had the pleasure and honor of representing Mac Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Tom Ford Beauty and Benefit Cosmetics. He worked his way up in the beauty industry starting with Glamour Shot Studios. He continued climbing the ladder until the present where he spent the last 5+ years working with the prestigious network ABC and its Emmy Winning show “THE VIEW”.

In addition to being a skilled and experienced makeup professional, Andrey`s communications and leadership studies have also made him an excellent mentor and instructor. He has trained fellow makeup artists on the latest techniques and methods to expertly produce flawless complexions, beautifully defined eyes and perfectly tinted lips. Peers and clients alike seek Andrey's expertise knowing they will get honest advice, beautifully applied makeup and a professional and enjoyable working experience. His continued success comes through listening to each of his client’s individual needs and thoughtfully designing a custom makeup look that reflects and enhances the face’s own unique natural beauty.

Currently, you can see Andrey`s work gracing the pages of Cosmopolitan, Huf Magazine, Navyaata Magazine and Vogue Italia. Not only does he work with print, film, and celebrity, but his talent has also reached the aspects of drag/transformation makeup. At New York Fashion Week (NYFW) he has keyed shows like Cinzia Rocca, Butch Diva & Omar Alexander and assisted Gucci Westman`s makeup team during NYFW.

Andrey continues to make a name for himself in the industry. He actively pursues his education and immerses himself in the current trends. Through his freelancing work Andrey works intimately with clients leaving a stamp in all aspects of editorial, bridal, trendsetting and beauty expertise.

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